~Frequently Asked Questions~


Why Do I need a Planner?

Whether you need a Planner or not will depend entirely on your personal situation and your plans for your wedding. For example, if you are not based in the country of your wedding, you’re daunted by just the thought of the organization, terrified of dealing with the stress, don’t speak the language and do not have a lot of spare time due to work and home schedules, then I would certainly recommend hiring a wedding Planner. In order to plan an event like a wedding, it can take in the region of 150-200 hours of dedicated time to ensure everything is in order and your day runs smoothly.  A Planner will help free up time for you to enjoy your engagement to wedding experience, a time to enjoy trying on the dress of your dreams, knowing that someone else is chasing up your floral designs, arranging your menu tastings and negotiating with vendors.  We will help manage your budget, guest lists, design, décor, fittings, suppliers, venue and bridal party the list is endless but it is what we do and we are good at it.

What is the difference between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Coordinator?

The first thing that needs to be understood is that a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Coordinator are not the same thing, however, one must be BOTH in order to be truly efficient. Think of a Wedding Planner as your new best friend. This person has no other job but to make sure your wedding is exactly what you want it to be. Wedding Planners can help you not only create a detailed timeline and budget but can also help you stick to it. The Wedding Planner will be able to offer a vast amount of knowledge and insight into the best vendors in your area to bring your wedding vision to life. A Wedding Planner is the professional person or team that helps the Bride and Groom prepare, organize, design and financially manage the wedding. Their services start from a year prior to the wedding and end on the Wedding Day. The color patterns, the theme, the invitations, the seating chart and all those other details are taken care of by the Wedding Planner. They will give the Bride and Groom the choices and all they have to do is tell them what they want at their wedding, how they want it and which choices they prefer.

Wedding Coordinator is responsible for taking care of the details on the day of the wedding. They are the person behind the curtain, making sure that your Wedding Day goes as smoothly as possible so you don’t have to worry about ANYTHING. They make sure the tables are set on time, the guests are seated in the right spot, the ceremony starts and ends on time, things are packed up and sent back to the vendors and that everything is running as smoothly as possible. After a Wedding Planner is done with their duty of planning the wedding and getting the whole wedding set up, the execution is usually done by the Wedding Coordinator. In many cases Wedding Planners also double as Wedding Coordinators, since they are fully aware of the wedding details and what the Bride and Groom want. Wedding Coordinators work may be working for a few days before hand or just show up to work on the day of the wedding itself.

My venue provided me with a Coordinator. Why would I still need a Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator?

The Venue Coordinator ensures everything taking place at the venue is in order. This person will handle the set-up of all tables and chairs, manage the food and beverage provided by the venue, coordinate placement of wedding items with the Wedding Coordinator, handle venue parking logistics and manage the venue staff. The Venue Coordinators are there to show you around and deal with issues surrounding the deliverables expected from the venue and that’s where it stops.  Which means they are not on hand all the time when you need something sorted and external from the venue. They are not obliged to deal with any problems you are having, for example, if the marquee has not arrived, the Florist is stuck in traffic or if you need someone to help arrange your wedding paperwork. A Wedding Planner deals with all this and more.The Wedding Coordinator will handle the logistics of the entire Wedding Day from beginning to end. They will work together with the Venue Coordinator to ensure the Bride & Groom’s contractual requires are met and executed.

How soon should I book your Wedding Planner?

When you choose to hire a Wedding Planner might vary, but theoretically they are the person you call shortly after you get engaged and after you figure out a general budget. Once you hire a Wedding Planner, you give them a very broad (or very detailed) vision of your wedding and they can then help you pick out everything from a wedding venue to wedding florists, caterer, furniture rentals, invitations, and more.

How soon should I book your Wedding Coordinator?

They are not the person you call after you get engaged to help you pick out the perfect wedding venue, caterer, florist, or other design details, but they will take all the hard work and research you’ve done and turn those plans into reality. You typically meet with a Wedding Coordinator several months or several weeks (depending on the service level you opt to get from them) before your wedding to go over your wedding timeline, guest count, venue details, and more.

Will I still have control over my event?

Yes, Yes, Yes!  The main reason Leigh Events was founded was for the reason that we believe your wedding day should be all about you, your personality, your choices, dreams and wishes for the most special day of your lives! We are here to advocate your freedom of choice and ability to source the best deal and quality of service for you. Depending on your time and budget constraints, you can then be as involved as you want to be. If you’re super busy at work or in life and don’t have 150 hours to dedicate to wedding planning, we can take it over for you. Or if you have time for certain aspects of it but not others, we can work with you as much or as little as you want.

Do we have to use the vendors you recommend?

Absolutely not! Although we do collaborate with only the most reputable vendors, you do not need to hire the vendors off our preferred list. We are flexible in working with any vendor that is tailored to make your special day come true.

Will you be present at vendor meetings?

Yes, these options are included in the Full and Partial Planning Packages. If you select another package but require this service, we can customize by adding in the additional service based on our a la carte selections.

Will you travel for events outside of your area?

We love to travel! Leigh Events has experience in destination weddings & events. We will travel anywhere in the world to make your event an affair to remember for years to come. However, we do limit how many destination events we do per year.